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Dog Chew Toy Teeth Cleaning Massager Toothbrush

The dog teething stick is made of pure natural rubber. The product has been tested by large, medium and small dogs without any bite damage. The quality is high and you can rest assured. 

Dog Chew Toy's Benefits:

1) Dear puppy is alone at home, are you still worried? Kill the boring time, relieve the anxiety and stress, to make dogs’ life more fulfilling. Our dog chew toy can effectively help your dog release excess energy and prevent dog from bad behavior caused by long-term boredom.

2) Help improve your dog’s dental hygiene to keep them healthy and save money on your dog’s dental bills. Chewing can help clean teeth(dental calculus) and control plaque and tartar, effectively cleans teeth to promote oral health and soothes discomforts from teething.

Product name: Dog crew toy

Product material: pure natural rubber

Product net weight: 173g

Product size: 7.7 x 5.7 x 1.8 inches

Package Contents: 1* dog chew toy


1.Please use this Dog Toothbrush under the supervision of dog parents.

2.If your dog is aggressive chewer, please allow the pet to chew or play with this dog toothbrush stick no more than 5 minutes.

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